I started in the exploration world as a mountain guide but my attraction to the unknown sent me to the coldest and unexplored regions of the Earth. I guess I love the cold. I have a solid experience in high risk projects but I think adventure is possible for everybody. That is why I organize wilderness trips where non professional people can have authentic feelings of a real expedition. I believe in the epicness of the expeditions and in its power to change our perspective to be able to understand the world and its inhabitants, making us more in touch with the environment.

Risk management is one of the most important skills of the mountain guide but also it is the contribution to the scientific discovery, the help in the fight against global warming and to spread the knowledge of the balance between human beings and their environment.

I like combining different types of adventure: skiing, packrafting, kayaking, cycling, mountaineering… I believe that everybody is capable of feeling the magic of the wilderness of our planet and that helps to have a realistic measure of our presence on planet Earth. That is an invaluable learning tool and it can also be a really fun experience.


Besides my professional activity I have been involved in many expeditions. Most of them to the polar regions but also to different areas of the Earth. Wild rivers, remote mountains or virgin glaciares barely stepped on by humans are some of the areas I have been.

Windsled Project

Since 2016 I have been a member of the Windsled Project. This project has developed a zero emissions vehicle that sails over the polar ice fields wind powered by a kite. Onboard, I have travelled thousands of kilometers in Greenland and I have explored the most unknown and remotest area on our planet: East Antarctica.

Windsled Project

Logistics support

Logistics support

I have worked for many years on logistics and project management in wilderness and polar regions such as Antarctica or Greenland. Besides the scientific support I have collaborated in different artistic projects. Iceberg Nations, a documentary made by Rubén Martín de Lucas and Fernando Martinez Borlán was recorded in South Greenland with my support and it is a great example of the combination between contemporary art and the polar world.


I have been an IPGA (International Polar Guide Association) member since 2018 and certified mountain guide by UIMLA (United International Mountain Leader Association). I have guided researchers in Antarctica and collaborated with the most prestigious polar expeditions agencies. Besides these collaborations I managed my own adventure company guiding polar, hiking and Packrafting expeditions.

Author and public speaker

Since 2008 I have been promoting my activity as a polar guide and traveller through presentations in different places and institutions. I have given lectures in schools, companies and festivals in Spain and other countries in the World.

I am the author of many articles for different magazines and newspapers. In 2017 I published the book “Volverás a la Antártida” with Paco Gómez on Fracaso Books Editorial.

Volverás a la Antártida